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Applied Emotion Science

Emotionworks® is about understanding and applying the latest exciting advances in emotion and affective science research. It is now an international service brand and has been the foundation consulting focus of the company since 1997. 

We continue to develop and expand our expertise in this field through consulting projects, fundamental and applied research and through publications and conference papers. (see Media and Publications)

We are also integrating the new fields of Hedonic Psychology and Behavioural Economics within the Emotionworks® framework.

Michael Edwardson was on the program committee for the inaugural CONFERENCE ON EMOTIONS AND ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE held at San Diego State University in 1998. His research into Consumer Emotions was featured in the best-selling U.S. business book Emotional Value: Creating Strong Bonds With Your Customers.

From Amazon Reviews: "One of the most intriguing findings they develop is based upon the work of the Australian scholar, Michael Edwardson (who, incidentally, wrote the forward to this book). Edwardson documents in great detail the fact that customers in different industries have widely differing sets of emotional expectations. A "one size fits all" approach to customer satisfaction, therefore, can never work. But, with the research documenting so clearly the emotional nuances of customers in a wide variety of different situations, the possibility exists for more appropriately informed responsiveness from front line staff. "

Psychologica were consultants to, and Michael Edwardson co-author of, the SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study of 4000 customers of blue-chip companies in Australia.

We have one of the largest privately held library collections on emotion research with over one hundred and fifty books and hundreds of articles. We keep up to date through membership of the Emotions in Organisations Network (EMONET) and the International Consortium for Research into Emotional Intelligence.

As a Marketing Director you may want to know what the emotional equity of your brand is, or to implement a customer experience management program. We have researched and tested techniques to answer these questions. How does your brand contribute to people's sense of well-being, or fit into their life-story memories?
As a Human Resources Director you may want to assess the emotional climate of the organisation or to examine stress caused by emotional labour on the customer service front-line.
As an Individual client you may want to manage your emotions more effectively or develop greater levels of emotional intelligence and competence. This is achieved through one on one emotion coaching.

We assess and conduct courses, workshops and seminars in the following areas of applied emotions.

  • Consumer Emotion
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Emotions in Organisations
  • Emotion and Leadership
  • Emotional Labour
  • Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence
  • Emotions and Well-being

We have an exciting introductory course for managers and front-line staff that can be conducted in house as a half-day, one day or two day workshop:

 Emotionworks®: Understanding and Working with Emotion in Business ©™

The course presents an overview of these important seven key areas for organisations and how they can be applied for competitive advantage. For further details contact us.

We have also devloped a system of specialised customer and employee experience and emotion measurement techniques that have been developed specifically for marketing and organisational settings. The Emotionworks® System includes the following measures...

emotion PROFILES ©
emotion MAPS
emotion SCRIPTS
emotion SEGMENTS
emotion TRACKING
emotion CLIMATE

For companies who want to implement customer experience management in their organisations we offer:
For Hospitality clients we offer through Emotionworks®:
A total approach to Guest Experience Management©™
and extend the principle of Hospitality to all service organisations through:
Hospitality: The Ultimate Customer Experience©™

We also link the Life Story Concept to Service Brands and the Customer Experience in an exciting seminar/workshop:

My Life...My Brand...My Experience©™
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