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As an independent practice, Psychologica® utilises a network of national and international consultants and associates depending on the expertise required to meet the client's objectives.
Michael Edwardson MAPS QPMR
Principal Psychologist & Managing Director
Kathryn Wiesener
Director Client Services
Sally Kernbach
Associate Consultant
Placement Students
As part of our consulting philosophy we have assisted in developing the future of the profession by providing professional placement positions for students in the Master of Psychology (Organisational) Program at the University of NSW.
Surveytalk is an IQCA accredited information collection, processing and analysis company based in Sydney and internationally.

Kathryn Wiesener joined Psychologica® in 2004 as Director of Client Services. She has extensive commercial expertise in business development in Asia, England and Australia plus a depth of experience in service industries and sales. Having worked in the corporate world internationally and locally, in small business, multinationals and her own consulting practice, enables Kathryn to understand the complexities of the clients business at all levels. With Kathryn's working background in sales and service, coupled with her training in NLP and Neuro Semantics, she is able to clearly identify clients needs, values and motivators and match that with appropriate outcomes and solutions.
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In August 2003 we welcomed Sally Kernbach to the Psychologica® team as an Associate Consultant. She graduated with a BSc Hons (Psych) from the University of New England in 2002 and was awarded the Australian Psychological Society Prize for her Honours thesis on: Emotional Intelligence of Service Providers as a Determinant of Transaction-Specific Customer Satisfaction. This has now been  published in a 2005 issue of the Journal of Service Research.
Kernbach, S & Schutte, N.S. (2005) The impact of service provider emotional intelligence on customer satisfaction. The Journal of Service Research,19,7 pp.438-444.
Sally is an Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society and is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Working in the service industry throughout the course of her studies, she assisted in the delivery of various company recruitment and selection procedures. Thus far, Sally has been involved in a Psychologica® project focusing on the facets of Employee Well-being and how these relate to organisational commitment, balance, recognition and pride. With her interest and research skills in emotions she will be involved in further developing our Emotionworks® brand as well consulting for other client projects.
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Psychologica M.D. Michael Edwardson, can be booked for conference speaking engagements through Wiesener & Associates - or through Saxton Speakers Bureau (link here)
For Media, Press and Editorial enquiries please contact us.
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Michael Edwardson is the Principal Psychologist and Managing Director of Psychologica®, having founded the company in 1994.
Through consulting, research and seminar presentations, Michael is at the forefront of thought leadership in Australia in consumer psychology, customer experience management and emotions in business.
He has set the agenda for consumer emotions in Australia being the first to present and publish on the topic in 1997. He was co-author of the 2003 SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study researching the experiences of customers of 4000 Australian blue-chip companies. At the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) 2003 Annual Conference, Michael Edwardson and Psychologica were presented with an award for "Outstanding Support as a Research Consultant", for their contribution to the 2003 SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study.
He has published, appeared or been cited in over 120 articles, book chapters, conference papers, television, radio and press interviews on consumer emotions, the customer experience and consumer psychology (see Media and Publications).
Michael holds a Dip.Hosp.Mgmt., B.A.Psych., Grad.Dip.App.Psych. and a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Melbourne.
He is a registered psychologist in NSW and Victoria and a "20 years" member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), He is a past recipient of the Australian Psychological Society Prize and trained as a Counsellor with Lifeline. He is also a Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR).
Other memberships include the:
The Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS);
The Association for Qualitative Research (UK);
The Society for Consumer Psychology (U.S.);
The International Association of Applied Psychologists;
The International Society for Self and Identity;
The International Consortium for Research into Emotional Intelligence;
The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.
For ten years from 1994 - 2004 he held a full-time continuing position as a Lecturer in the School of Marketing at the University of New South Wales where he lectured in Consumer Psychology, Media Sales, Services Marketing and Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Management in Services. He was also the Course Director of the Graduate Certificate in Media Sales (School of Marketing) and an Honorary Associate of the Masters in Psychology(Org) program in the School of Psychology at UNSW.

Michael has also lectured in Consumer Behaviour and Advanced Market Research at Victoria University and for the past six years has lectured on Consumer Insight in Deakin University's Residential Executive MBA program (2004 - 2010).

Michael has been a reviewer for the European Journal of Marketing, Australian Accounting Review, Australian Journal of Management, Australasian Marketing Journal and ANZMAC.
Previous to establishing Psychologica® in 1994 he was a Senior Research Consultant with the Market Research Consultancy, Sweeney Research (1992-1994), a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business at Victoria University (1988-1992) and began his career in operations and management with Hilton International (1980-1988).
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Psychologica Placement Students
Judith Wirawan
Judith Wirawan was a placement student for the first half of 2003. She graduated with a B. Psych degree from Universitas Indonesia in 1997 and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology from the same university in 1999. She has completed her first year of the Organisational Masters degree at UNSW and Psychologica is her first placement. Prior to her study in UNSW, Judith worked for three years at Accenture Indonesia. Her skill sets included Change Management and Human Performance Consulting. The projects at Psychologica she has been involved in include: developing ImageValue, one of Psychologica's service brands, assisting with the implementation of a customer experience project for a client, and conducting a competitive analysis and in-depth interviews for a consumer insight project.
Joanne Le
Joanne Le was one of two placement students for the first half of 2003. She graduated with a B. Psych (Hons) degree from UNSW in 2000 and has completed her final year of the Organisational Masters degree also at UNSW. Psychologica is Joanne's third placement. Her previous placements have included Harbour Consulting Australia and Hallis Consulting; in the latter placement she conducted research in call centers regarding employee absenteeism, stress and turnover. At Psychologica, Joanne has been involved in a number of projects. These have included: conducting a competitive analysis and in-depth interviews for a consumer insight project, assisting with the implementation of a customer experience/ consumer emotions strategy for a client and developing Psychologica's SelfSmart performance management services.
Sarah Smithyman
Our second 2002 Master of Organisational Psychology placement student was Sarah Smithyman. After completing her B.Com Honours degree in Organisational Psychology at the University of Cape Town in 2000, she worked for an HR Consultancy. She has now completed her M.Psych (Org) degree at UNSW. She has previously completed a placement at Industrial Psychological Consultants (IPC) and this was her second placement. Sarah worked on our Strategic Planning workshops, Customer Experience projects and assisted in developing further applications of Life Story Interviewing techniques for Consumer Insight.
Silvia Goldberg
Silvia Goldberg joined us as our first 2002 Master of Organisational Psychology placement student. After completing her B.Sc (Honours) in 2000, Silvia has now completed her second year of the M.Psych (Org) degree at UNSW. She has previously completed a placement at Saville & Holdsworth and an internship with Coyne Didsbury PDI. At Psychologica® she worked on a project for SOCAP and helped in developing our Imagevalue® services for assessing Corporate Image, Trust and Reputation.
Alison Brady
Our 2001 Master of Organisational Psychology placement student was Alison Brady. Alison who has now completed her M.Psych (Org) degree at UNSW, worked on a variety of client projects at Psychologica®. These included an ethnographic study of outdoor advertising, developing a sales staff selection test battery, and researching applications of positive psychology. Alison is working for Assessment Edge in Sydney.
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney was a placement student of ours in 1999 and is a graduate of the UNSW Organisational Psychology Masters program. After working in Research at Murdoch Magazines, she was appointed in 2001 as Account Manager in the UK for the international market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres.
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