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"new ways of thinking"

Counselling Psychology: Expanding Individual Services in Melbourne through Stable Health Clinic Sometimes in life...we just need to see a way through...let's talk

Consumer Psychology: Announcing a Strategic Alliance with Davidson Branding How employee passion can make your brand soar
Psychologica®  is a Corporate and Consumer Psychology consultancy based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. We are specialists in Psychological Insight, Assessment and Performance. We are an Australian Psychological Society licensed independent practice. This means, that through the right to use the APS logo (opp.left), clients can identify us as "psychological experts who have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to provide sound and high quality services". We are also a member of the Independent Researchers Group of the Australian Market and Social Research Society, and the Association for Qualitative Research (UK). (See Links to other professional memberships and affiliations).
As part of our commitment to professional development, we have provided professional placement positions in consumer psychology for students in the Master of Psychology (Organisational) Program at the University of NSW since 1999.(Placement Students)
We also offer clients services through three specialised brands:

"Applied Emotion Science”
“Understanding the Self”
“Perception and Image”
We work closely with clients to understand their business and individual needs, and then tailor customised solutions to their unique requirements. 
Our consulting philosophy is to transfer knowledge, build client skills and assist, where needed, with implementation. 
We have special expertise in the understanding and application of emotion in business including consumer emotions, customer experience management, organisational emotions, emotional intelligence and emotion coaching.
  • As Corporate and Organisational Psychologists we are differentiated through our Marketing Orientation and focus. We are experts in the Services Marketing model of integrating Human Resources with Marketing Strategy to deliver Total Customer Experience Management.
  • As Consumer Psychologists we go beyond conventional Market Research to deliver a deep level of understanding of human behaviour and consumer insight. Through our expertise in Marketing we ensure the business relevance of our research.
  • As Registered Psychologists working with individuals we focus on a Preventive and Positive coaching approach for improved performance, resilience and emotional well-being.
More than ever today in these areas, clients want innovation and "new ways of thinking" with actionable "insight, assessment and performance"™ outcomes. Psychologica's® specialist consulting services provide our clients with the results they are seeking.
After viewing the site, to find out more about how we apply psychology to achieve our client's corporate or personal goals, then please contact us.



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Consumer Psychology: Strategic Alliance with Davidson Branding

Counselling Psychology: Expanding Individual Services in Melbourne through Stable Health Clinic

BBC Business and Financial Review interviews

Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics - University of Melbourne

Consumer Insight Conferences

College of Organisational Psychologists (Vic): Consumer Research and Psychology

Financial Industry Complaints - Dispute Resolution Conference

University of Queensland, Business School

Working with Customer Emotions:
Industry Symposium 2004

SOCAP Australia 2004 International Symposium

Consumer Relationships: For Better, For Worse…

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience...Interview for the new book by Colin Shaw

SOCAP Outstanding Support Award

College of Organisational Psychologists(NSW)

Emotionworks Courses

SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study

New Emotionworks Services



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Consumer Psychology: Strategic Alliance with Davidson Branding

  • Following on from a very successful "Meeting of the Minds" Presentation in Winter 09 on "How employee passion can make your brand soar", Davidson Branding and Psychologica are working together to help organisations ignite the internal passion for their brands. They will provide advice about the journey forward and discuss the steps required to motivate and empower employees to become the ultimate brand champions.

Counselling Psychology: Expanding Individual Services in Melbourne through Stable Health Clinic

  • Sometimes in life...we just need to see a way through... let's talk. As part of an expansion of our Individual Counselling services, Psychologica is able to provide Medicare and Health Insurance rebatable sessions through the Stable Health Clinic in St.Kilda, Melbourne. See our Individual page for further details.

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BBC Business and Financial Review Interviews

  • Recently Michael Edwardson, MD of Psychologica, was interviewed by BBC Business (2008) on the closing of 61 of 85 Starbucks shops across Australia (see the article) . In another interview in the Financial Review (2009) he discusses the psychology of the recession (see the article).

    Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics - University of Melbourne

  • A special invitation only symposium was held by the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics - University of Melbourne on The Psychology and Ethics of New Marketing (August, 2007). Participants discussed the societal implications of the "methods and techniques whereby sophisticated marketing strategies seek to influence even  unconscious attitudes and buying behaviour; ego-depletion and marketing; the use or abuse of friendship and emotions in marketing; viral marketing; and marketing to children". Michael Edwardson, MD of Psychologica presented a paper on "Marketing how we Feel: Emotions in Exchange Relationships".

    Consumer Insight Conferences

  • Michael Edwardson was invited to be the Conference Chair for the 2006 Consumer Insight Conference held at Darling Harbour in Sydney: Re-Invigorating Research to make Informed Decisions. He has chaired all three of the highly influential UK based Consumer Insight Conferences held since 2002.

    College of Organisational Psychologists (Vic): Consumer Research and Psychology

  • In July 2004 Michael Edwardson, MD of Psychologica presented on the role of Consumer Psychologist, as distinct from Organisational Psychologist. He presented case studies of projects he has worked on in his capacity as a Consumer Psychologist and highlighted opportunities for Organisational Psychologists interested in the field. (click here for further details)
Financial Industry Complaints - Dispute Resolution Conference
  • Michael presented in September on how to handle "difficult" complainants and a view of frivolous and vexatious complaints. (click here for further details). FICS provides free advice and assistance to consumers to help them in resolving complaints relating to members of the financial services industry, including life insurance, superannuation, funds management, financial advice, stock broking, investment advice and sales of financial or investment products. The Service is an external complaints resolution scheme approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
University of Queensland, Business School Working with
Customer Emotions: Industry Symposium 2004
  • In a symposium bringing together academics and industry in September, Michael presented a paper at UQ Business School on Understanding Consumer Emotions (click here for the program).
SOCAP Australia 2004 International Symposium
Consumer Relationships: For Better, For Worse…
  • Michael Edwardson has been invited for the third year to present at the Society of Consumer Affairs Annual Conference. This year he will talk about "The Life Story" perspective in understanding customer complaints. Specifically he will address how brands, services and products are embedded in the wider context of people's lives, and how being aware of this enables consumer affairs professionals to address the wider issues underlying the complaint.
Revolutionize Your Customer Experience...Interview for the new book by Colin Shaw
  • Following the worldwide success of the best selling book,
    “Building Great Customer Experiences”, Palgrave Macmillan will be publishing in 2004 a new thought leading book by Colin Shaw of the U.K. based consultancy beyondphilosophy. The book will be entitled “Revolutionize Your Customer Experience”. Michael Edwardson was interviewed by Colin Shaw for the book on his research into Consumer Emotions.
SOCAP Outstanding Support Award
College of Organisational Psychologists
Emotionworks Courses
SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study
SOCAP Outstanding Support Award 
  • At the SOCAP 2003 Annual Conference, Michael Edwardson and Psychologica were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for "Outstanding Support as a Research Consultant", for their contribution to the 2003 SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study. At the same conference, Professor Alan Fels, former chairman of the ACCC, was presented with the SOCAP Significant Contribution to Consumer Affairs Award.
College of Organisational Psychologists 
Emotionworks Courses
  • Michael Edwardson will be conducting Emotionworks® - Understanding and Working with Emotion in Business ©™ courses for The Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals. The half-day sessions held in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra in May 2003 provide an introduction to the six key areas of emotion critical in Customer Experience Management. For further details click here.
SOCAP 2003 Consumer Emotions Study Back To News
  • SOCAP, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals, has recognised the need to foster a deeper understanding of the psychology of consumer behaviour. SOCAP has embraced consumer emotions, and trust in particular, as its primary current research and education theme. 
  • SOCAP has invited participation in the SOCAP Consumer Emotions Study. SOCAP believe this is the most advanced and comprehensive study of its type ever conducted.  The study has been conducted by Evalue, acknowledged leaders in customer value measurement and strategic management, in conjunction with an Australian expert on consumer emotions, Michael Edwardson, Principal Psychologist and Managing Director of Psychologica and lecturer in the School of Marketing at the University of New South Wales. Breakfast Briefings to release the results were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in July 2003 and at the 2003 SOCAP Conference in Sydney in August. For further information and a copy of the report contact us directly or SOCAP.
New Emotionworks Services Back To News
  • From 2003 we have an exciting introductory course for managers and front-line staff that can be conducted in house as a half-day, one day or two day workshop:
Understanding and Working with Emotion in Business ©™
Consumer Emotion
Customer Experience Management
Emotions in Organisations
Emotion and Leadership
Emotional Labour
Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence
Emotions and Well-being
We also link the Life Story Concept to Service Brands and the Customer Experience in an exciting seminar/workshop:
My Life...My Brand...My Experience©™

Consumer Insight Conference...Back To News
  • Michael Edwardson, MD of Psychologica®, was the Conference Chair for the opening day of the Consumer Insight Conference held in Sydney in August. (see brochure)

"Following its sellout performance in London", IQPC was "proud to bring 'Consumer Insight' to Australia". Endorsed by the Market Research Society of Australia the conference highlighted leading case studies on how path-breaking organisations are successfully addressing the following critical questions:

  • Why are traditional marketing methodologies failing to provide required financial returns from consumers?
  • What is "insight" and how do you turn raw information into consumer insight?
  • How do you use insight to build more profitable relationships with consumers?
  • How do you build the organisational capabilities that can turn insight into commercial value?
  • Which methodologies for gaining insight will best deliver against specific goals?
  • How do you ensure that your consumer insight leads to competitive advantage and increased profitability?"
  • Michael also presented a paper: Leveraging The Psychology Of Life Stories To Enhance Commercial Consumer Insight: Consumer insight, by its very name, seeks to go deeper than typical market research to reveal the motivations, feelings and attitudes of the consumer. Drawing on techniques from anthropology and psychology, the skilled researcher uses the power of storytelling and narrative analysis to understand both the retrospective and prospective memories of the consumer. In a consumer society the individual life story is intertwined with brands, products and services that have a special significance for the individual in forming a sense of self and meaning. This session explores the methodologies and their applications for commercial use with ongoing consumer insight projects.
  • Projects....
    • In May 2002 Michael Edwardson, MD of Psychologica® was invited to conduct a series of seminar/workshops for SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business Australia Inc.). Held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra the seminars addressed the consumer emotion of Trust. SOCAP is a professional association for people working in the area of consumer affairs and customer relations. Among other goals, SOCAP aims to:

    Foster and maintain the integrity of business when dealing with customers.

    To enhance the responsiveness of corporations and government to concerns raised by consumers.

    To encourage and promote understanding between business, government and consumers.

    To educate consumers and to improve relations between business and consumers.

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